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Chantelle Air

Prettyr Ltd. CEO & Award Winning Marketer

"I've been fortunate enough to work with some amazing clients over the years and together we have created some very successful brands. A lot of them really do have some quite successful businesses now.

The reason I started Prettyr was quite simple really, I'd got my degree, independently I'd achieved everything I wanted to accomplish in marketing; The next logical step was to scale it up and start a marketing business where I could train young island marketers and bring my skills back home to help our island achieve great things. To see where the company has come is ever so rewarding.

The thing that I tell every bright young marketer is to put yourself in the shoes of the business. Not everyone is looking to 'flog' their leftover stock, not everyone will get the latest movie reference or trendy abbreviations. Think who you are marketing to and the message you are sending them about your client's business and products. I think this is the key to our success above other marketing agencies. Making things Prettyr is the easy bit! X "

Prettyr Ltd. - Sandown, Isle of Wight

Sandown, Isle of Wight

01983 472966

Company number: 12163595 

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