Colour Theory

Are You Sending The Right Message?

If you are creating your brand you need a colour mix and font choices that are going to subliminally send the right message to your customers.

Prettyr provide practical advise to colour mixing and the visual effects and feelings associated with a specific colour combination.



Complimentary Colours

Colour theory is a practical combination of art and science that’s used to determine what colours look good together.

Colours that look good together are called a colour harmony. Artists and designers at Prettyr use these to create a particular look or feel.

You can use a colour wheel to find colour harmonies by using the rules of colour combinations.

Colour combinations determine the relative positions of different colours in order to find colours that create a pleasing effect.


Digital, Print, Paint

Do your colours match across all your print work, digital content, product packaging and around the office?

Prettyr can create a colour chart so that you (and your staff) know the RGB, CMYK and Pantone values for colour consistency across your company. 

Our digital designs are always created with the project output in mind and we print using the correct colour format every time. 


Colour Communication

Colours are often associated with emotion and meaning, and can instantly convey a hidden message.

Colour choice can have various effects depending on your industry and are perceived at a subliminal level. Perceptions of a company are often greatly influenced by them.

For example Prettyr chose the colours purple as it evokes creativity, imagination, romance and calm, and burgundy which incites strong willed strategy, prosperity and leadership.

However, if we chose a bright shade of red, we may grab your attention, however you may feel a little more anxious and stressed about our services.


Visually Impaired

Difficulties that arise from colour blindness, especially when it comes to digital screens.

Customers who are unable to decipher colour combinations on the screen can become confused and unable to properly navigate their way if colours aren't distinguished.

To avoid this confusion throughout your media, it is important to have the best colour combinations for the visually impaired.

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