COVID-19 Signage

Designed to help island businesses open

With businesses reopening from the pandemic, for a limited time only, we are currently able to provide signage, menus, Alert / Eat Out To Help Out posters, 2m/1m stickers, and notices at a significantly reduced cost to help Isle of Wight businesses open their doors again.

We are nothing without you! 


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£150 Limited time offer

Photography & Video

For November/December we are offering photo shoots and videos with post production for a flat £150. You will get your files digitally so you can use them on your website, screens and social media. A cuppa tea would be nice too.. no sugar, no milk <3 



Limited time offer


Custom posters of any size. We will design and print your posters to include your message and your branding. 

On offer pricing
1x (A3) £20

5x single design (A3) £28

10x single design (A3) £40


£30 Limited time offer

Digital Signage Designs

Let your customers know how to stay safe in your venue with professionally designed signage. 

We can design fresh content for your digital screens within 24 hours.

Your message, your rules, your branding.

1x Design £30
5x Designs or formats £50


£65 Limited time offer

COVID-19 Roller Banner

Tell your customers how to stay safe while visiting your premises with a 7ft popup roller banner. Your branding, your message. 


£60 Limited time offer

Disposable menus

A3 full colour double sided disposable menus. £60 for 250 copies or £120 for 1000 copies, design and print.

See our full range of menu types and offers 


£60 Limited time offer

Table Tent Cards

50x A5 Table tent cards with your own message and branding. The cost includes our design and print service.


100 for £120 Limited time offer

Beer Mats

Beer mats are a great way of putting your safety instructions right under your customers noses.


£15 Limited time offer

Digital Ads

Let your customers know the latest updates to your business with professionally designed adverts for use on social media, to send to newspapers or to print yourselves. 

We can design fresh content within 24 hours.

Your message, your branding.

1x Design £15
5x Designs or formats £30


£65 Design & Print

PVC Banner

3m x 1m PVC outdoor weatherproof banner, hemmed with eyelets. Quick turnaround. Includes a professional original design with your branding and message.


£50 Limited time offer

Social Distancing Stickers

2m or 1m waterproof adhesives. Keep customers apart while maintaining a professional look and feel to your store or restaurant. Just £50 for a pack of 10x 300mm circular floor/window adhesive stickers. 

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