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Film on the Isle of Wight

At Prettyr Marketing Services we can capture your events indoors and out. We have experience in everything from TV & film, case studies, business backstories, adverts and podcasts to sport and events.

We use our captured footage to produce and create professional pieces with expert audio enhancements, LUT colour grading, audio/music and digital branding.

All our videos are provided in MP4 format so you can use them anywhere. For Cinema, we produce DCP drives ready for the big screen.

The Prettyr Film Studio has the best equipment and setup on the Isle of Wight, with movie quality video cameras, the latest DSLR cameras, drones, top quality shotgun and condenser microphones, 3m boom poles and mic stands, beauty lighting, autocue/teleprompter, backdrops and a green screen.  

Prettyr Ltd. - Sandown, Isle of Wight