Islands That Shape Us Take Cineworld

StoneCrabs Theatre commissioned a group of young creatives on the Isle of Wight to respond to Playdoh: Young Directors Festival 2021 with Islands That Shape Us. On Thursday, the directors had the chance to show their work to an audience at Cineworld. Prettyr had a great time working with this incredibly talented group of young directors and StoneCrabs Theatre. Our staff provided on-set film production mentoring for the group of young directors, to help them bring their visions and scripts to life, and worked with Cineworld to have their productions ready for the big screen.

The Islands That Shape Us young directors had just one month to write a script, plan, organise, cast, film, direct actors, and post-produce a screen-ready short film. Their work was shown at Cineworld and covered by BBC South Today. "Such an amazing night for StoneCrabs Young Creatives at Cineworld last night!

Massive thanks to the fabulous audience and all the generous supporters who made this an unforgettable evening." - StoneCrabs Theatre EXCITING NEWS! StoneCrabs have now opened applications for the next round of the Islands That Shape Us programme.

Are you a young creative aged 16 - 26 on the Isle of Wight? Interested in working with film?

You could be a director, writer, actor, producer or designer, so long as you’re interested in developing your skills and creating/leading a digital film artistic response.

Find out more and apply now at:

Prettyr Ltd. - Sandown, Isle of Wight