Prettyr Set To Film Island Documentary, Out On An Island

Throughout December the Prettyr film crew will be teaming with Stonecrabs Theatre to create an exciting hour-long documentary.

The Out On An Island project focuses on the untold and often hidden heritage of the Isle of Wight LGBTQ+ community. They work with people of all ages to highlight a proud section of history, break down stereotypes, overcome confusion and negativity, and invite honest and open discussion about issues such as gender stereotyping, the history of Pride and the value of education around LGBTQ+ in schools. The upcoming film documentary will uncover and celebrate 100 years of the island's LGTBQ+ history. Bringing to life queer stories of notable people from the Isle of Wight's past; From Joe Carstairs, the 'Fastest Woman On Water', to Virginia Woolf, who wrote the play 'Freshwater' set amidst Dimbola lodge. A team of ten talented local actresses and actors have been cast for the film after a long and competitive self-tape and Zoom audition process with acting director, Franko Figueiredo. The film will be shot at various iconic venues and sites, such as Dimbola Lodge, Tennyson, and the Classic Boat Museum.


"It’s great to work with the talented and professional team at Prettyr. It's great to have their energy and input, I am so glad that they're working with us!" - Caroline Diamond, Project Manager.


Out On An Island is keen to hear from volunteers and community groups such as Island heritage and historical societies to get involved in sharing stories, documents and artefacts to build this unique project. If you are interested and want to get involved, contact #ISLEOFWIGHT #IOW #LGTBQ+ #Prettyr #OOAI #OUTONANISLAND

Prettyr Ltd. - Sandown, Isle of Wight