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PR Agency

Public Relations & Communications

Prettyr are an Isle of Wight based PR Agency operating across the UK, dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals with powerful and consistent media across multiple platforms to significantly raise their profile.

We promote your story to the media to create buzz across radio, newspapers, magazines, online news feeds, social media platforms, events and more. 

Our media team take a detailed approach to building a story, with thorough investigation, so that we can unearth the smallest of details. With our creativity we will craft copy, audio and video pieces into a media-friendly narrative, that is topical and relevant with the latest news.

We are results-driven and monitor the success of every campaign so that we can show you a campaign's impact and it's value in return. 

Business-to-Business PR, Professional Services PR, Consumer PR.



The job of our publicists is to identify opportunities to communicate your story.

We build relationships with relevant media platforms and are the first to know about upcoming stories, articles and opinion pieces so that you or your representative is called upon to provide an advert or an insiders expert opinion.


Strategic PR

As a PR Agency we take a strategic approach to publicity. We research and find the most relevant media outlets for your industry, optimum placements and content to capture the audience or readership.

We find effective methods to measure the success of each placement, so you can see how many people interacted with your placement and determine its commercial value.


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The modern day PC culture and social networking make it more important than ever to craft your copy carefully, in such a way that builds your brand, without the risk of damaging to your reputation from the smallest of wording mistakes.

We pay attention to the details and provide feedback and warning if any expressed opinions are likely to offend or divide your audience before it is too late.

Prettyr also look for opportunity. If we think there is something great you have done, we will make you aware of publicising opportunities to develop positive, lasting public relations and elevate your profile.

Prettyr Ltd. - Sandown, Isle of Wight