Audio Production

Recording to finished original audio

At Prettyr Marketing Services we can create professional audio for a truly unique sound in the corporate world.

Whether it is voiceo
vers for your videos, recording professional podcasts, creating original corporate music and jingles, or recording your next advert. We can capture professional sounding audio and create backing music and effects that suit your project.

All our tracks are provided in MP3 and WAV format so you can use them anywhere.



Sound Proofing

Capture audio without the telephone ringing in the background, or rooms echoing your voice.


Original Content

Protect your business from copyright infringement with original content that belongs to your company. 



Post Production

We can master your recordings with our post production software to give you that crisp radio-sounding voice.

Prettyr - Medieval | Original audio with sound effectsPrettyr
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Prettyr - Entertainment | Backing music clipPrettyr
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Prettyr - Action | Backing music clipPrettyr
00:00 / 00:41
Prettyr - Vocal audio recording samplePrettyr
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Prettyr - Sample Podcast Theme SongPrettyr
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