Software Design

We Make Your Tech Prettier

Software and app hi-fidelity responsive design with asset creation.

Your technology should meet your brand guidelines and be consistent across all products and services. 

Prettyr can build a visual design to your spec along with wireframe, so that you can see what you are going to get and give you the opportunity make changes so that you end up with a final design that you are happy with before your developers implement it.

Improve the look of your software technology, with professional Prettyr designs, for effective user flow, interaction and experience.

Make life easy for your developers and programmers with designs that are ready to implement. 
Universal or original assets for something professional designed to be intuitive for your customer to navigate. 


App Design

Are you a developer with a fantastic new app and need it professionally designed?


Or maybe an e-commerce store, that needs to look like your brand yet engage with users?


Prettyr can make your tech look how you envision and streamline the user experience to be intuitive and easy to operate. 


Web Design

Using a marketing agency to create your website means that not only is your website  technically sound and proficient in customer engagement, but you get a professionally designed user interface that represents your company and your brand, with an intuitive user experience. 

Page templates that give content creators control whilst maintaining brand integrity.

Our technical marketers know how SEO works and how to drive users to your website.  


Program Design

Do you have customer facing digital technology in hospitality or retail stores?

 your own or your client's branding, styles and assets to Windows based software programs. 

Change the layout, reposition elements, new button designs, colour themes, fonts, images and videos.

Prettyr can also provide graphical advertisements for customer facing display screens.

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