Are You Using The Right Fonts?

Typography is more than selecting a fun new font. It is the technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed, as well as fit the voice of your brand.

Prettyr can identify, advise and create suitable typeface guides, so that you are using the best fonts, font sizes, weight, tracking, kerning and shear for your brand throughout your marketing collateral. 


Titles to your content will provide an immediate impression of your text to the reader. How do you want to be perceived, high-end, welcoming, playful or serious? 

The fonts you choose will affect the readers and customers you attract to your business. Prettyr will suggest fonts that target and attract the right clientele. 

Body Text

The primary focus of body text is legibility. Lettering must be easy to read for a sustained duration. 

However, style perception is also important. Much like the title, the font choice for your body text will determine the readership you are likely to attract. 

The body text font must compliment the style of the title and headings. 

Headings (H1)

Headings signal the beginning of a section or topic. They need to stand out and divide your work flow. 

As well as grabbing the attention of the reader with carefully crafted words, the lettering needs to stand out, be easily legible and simplistic.

A clean heading will inform the reader of the upcoming section from a quick glance. 

Subheadings (H2, H3, H4)

A subheading is straight to the point and signals a deviation from the previous paragraph, while remaining on the same topic.

Much like headings, the lettering needs to stand out from the body text, be easily legible and simplistic.

A clean subheading will inform the reader of the upcoming paragraph from a quick glance. 

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