What To Expect

Contract Types & Creating The Marketing Plan

There are three levels of business that we operate on. Ongoing contracted professional marketing services, period marketing campaigns and one-off projects.

Ongoing contracted marketing 
We would typically create a marketing plan for you, outline what we hope to achieve and when, the costs, the markets we think you’d be successful in, and help you through each stage to grow your business and get recognition. 

Period campaign contract
We will discuss and brainstorm a few ideas with you, utilising a combination of products and services to create a top notch marketing campaign that is sure to make some noise. This will launch on a particular date or over a fixed, planned period as stated in the contract. 


One-off projects
f you know what you would like, and simply would like to order a service or print run, we can also take things one project at a time. Creating as and when you need a particular product such as business cards, leaflets, a video or digital signage designs.  

We are flexible to your situation and your aspirations.

Depending on which contract you opt for, you will pay a fair hourly rate for our labour/services, plus the products you buy. 


Free Consultation

If you would like to meet us, please do! You're welcome book an appointment to visit our office or request a remote meeting, invite us to meet your team, or we can treat you to lunch, for an introductory chat discussing how Prettyr can help.

We are a friendly team and if you would like to book in, just click the button below and we will have a tea or coffee waiting on arrival. 


Marketing Plan

The marketing plan usually happens in two stages. We first get together with you for a brainstorming session where we discuss various options for you and get your input.


We will then take this, gather research and create a full marketing proposal bespoke to your business, where you can see what we propose, aim to achieve, with a dated action plan, and pricing. You can then request changes to the proposal, or accept the plan of action proposed.


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Review & Analysis

We like to be accountable for the work we do and we like to learn so that we can improve your campaigns.

At the end of a campaign release we will meet with you once again to review how it went. This will include data where relevant and feedback so that we can measure the success of the work carried out. 

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